a little situation.

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a little situation.

by MayhemMonkey

well about two weeks ago i bought two ballon mollies - one male & one female -, the male died the next day from cotton mouth and the female was doing great. i never like to keep only one of certain fish, so four days after i went to the fish store and bought another male ballon molly, bringing the count back up to two. after i released the fish into the tank the female started harassing it and chasing the poor male around, i didn't want him to die so i thought maybe putting the female in a breeder net for the night would at least give him a break. so the next day i released the female and they seemed to be doing fine, but then the following day the male started harassing the female. so i let it go thinking that maybe he would just get tired of it, but this morning when i went to feed the fish i couldn't find the female. it was like she disappeared, then i picked up the piece of driftwood and there she was, still alive. i'm guessing she was hiding there, so i wanted to give her a break and now have the male in the breeder net. i wanted to ask you guys how or even if i can solve it. i was thinking of adding another female to even out the chasing between the three, but i don't want to add it only for the molly to die. so what do you guys think i should do?

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by Alasse

Personally id get at least another 2 females, the male will be chasing the female to breed

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by yasherkoach

I agree with Alasse, if you purchase more females to one male, there'd be less harrassment. So if you get 4 more female mollies, that would be 5 females to one male. That would even up the score plus the male would tire itself out.

It's just mating habits. So you want to break up the competition, understand?

Not only that, because the mollie is a livebearer, you will have a crapload of fry. I have platies, same thing - so I purchased a few african dwarf frogs to keep down the population (plus the mollies will eat their own).

Also you should add every other week, one teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon (not too much for the salt never evaporates).

also mollies like vegetation, a lot of it, anubias is a favorite

so get four females, you should be fine

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by dream2reef

Yep she can't handle all that ya know. Maybe a tank divider for a day or two? That's kinda how I acclimated my betta, I know a lil different situation, but still you get the idea. The first time I tried to put him in he was harassed and harassed into hiding all the time. I (don't try this at home) put him in a beer mug foreeeever and eventually let him out slowly when noone was around and snuck em in. It worked. But yea the whole female to male ratio thing is clutch! crucial substantial or consequential jus sayin

a little situation.

4 posts

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