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by edathome19824077

anyone got any sensible ideas on how to get rid of snails! i have two tanks infested with them! one of them is a planted tank! help please

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by Mattallica874353

The most effective way is to simply crush them with your finger. Not sure if there is any snail killing chemicals out there that wouldn't hurt everything else in the tank as well.

When I had a snail problem I killed all the snails with my fingers, and then took out all the plants and rinsed them it in hot water to kill any snail eggs leftover, placed them in quarantine, and then purchased some snail killer stuff from the pet store to kill the eggs. Killing the snails is easy, its the eggs that they lace the place with that is hard to get rid of!

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by cyndrine

there are fish out there that eat snails. you might try one of those. if you want to go the chemical route be careful and make sure it is one that won't harm the fish you have.

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by a1k8t31524

you know i have herd that if you put a piece of raw meat in the tank over night and then in the morning the snails should be all over it and then just take the meat out and just throw them away...
dont know if it works but worth a shot

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by deuce1566

I have the same problem so I plan on taking the ten gallon tank that I have 6 pond fish in for the winter and then i'm going to turn it into a dwarf puffer tank and then just transfer the snails into the puffer tank as i spot them. Dwarf puffer love snails.

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by gumbii

there's some stuff my cousin used called Had-a-snail... i think i've seen it in the foster's and smith catalog... it doesn't kill them but it makes them go up to the top of the tank and out of the tank i think... lol... but he only saw one snail, put a couple of drops of that stuff, and WHAM!!!!!!... he took out over 60 snails out of his 40g tall... that was crazy... good luck with your snail infestation... i'm pretty sure it's worst than you think...

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by GOLLOP4575

Before you go filling the tank with chemicals I'd really reckonmend the sera snail trap its really simple just put some bait in the middle and let the snails do the work!

check it out at ... ollect.htm
I got mine for about 40 bucks australian and it never fails!


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by gumbii

i don't know how much 40 aussie dorra translates to US dorra... but i know had-a-snail is under 4 bucks at any LFS...

even drs fosters and smith has it for a couple of bucks... ... snail&Np=1

check it out... i think you aren't supposed to use it on shrimp and crabs...


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