Can anyone suggest a fish?

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Can anyone suggest a fish?

by Maplesyrup

Was just wondering if there any fish that mix well with tetras(black widow, neon, red fin) in a heavy planted tank- but small tank (28litre) that are particularly interesting looking or acting? I was thinking hatchet fish as they are of the same family and I haven't got any top dwelling fish but I am concerned that there is not enough room at the top of the tank with the plants.
Thanks alot :D

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by bangme33

how many fish have you in your tank ?? ive kept hatchets and mine never stayed at the suface most of the time, they was always 2 in or so under but if ya do get hatchet get te marbled kind there a better looking fish. does ya tank have a lid because these fish will jump

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by joyce123

id go with some loaches.. i have a dojo loach that stays at the top hanging out in the plants... he pretty sweet.

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by MrPatterson1995

I agree with joyce123, loaches would be something good. My cousin had a few in his tank before he got rid of it, and they seemed to hang around the top of the plants

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by Maplesyrup

Thanks everyone, I will go to the pet store and see if they have any loaches :)

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by Tmercier834747

if by 28 litre you meant 7 gallon, that is far too small for any loaches I'm afraid. Sidthimunkis are about the smallest and I feel guilty keeping them in a 16 gallon.

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by natalie265

Tmercier is right. You don't have enough space for loaches. What fish are already in the tank? I think honey gourami are a nice top dwelling plant that stays quite small.

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by jman

i agree, 28litres is too small for loaches. they need room to swim. varieties of corys do well, but are bottom dwellers.

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by yasherkoach

I have tetras...Harlequin Rasboras and Zebra Danios will actually socialize and/or play with the tetras.

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by mrcollins35

might just about get away with a couple of khuli loach if its a decent length tank. but idealy you would put them in a slightly bigger tank. I agree cory would be good choice

Can anyone suggest a fish?

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