Fin Nippers reek havoc! any ideas?

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Fin Nippers reek havoc! any ideas?

by Substraight

So my 75 gallon is populated by 9 Buenos Aires Tetra and 1 remaining albino cory cat(the other 6 have been stressed to death by the tetra). I am a bit perplexed as to why and when the tetra are nipping the fins off of the cory cats because they are in a large enough group and I never see it. I'm also wondering what to do now. Since the cory cats like to be in groups I want to get more, but not if they are just going to be killed again. Water parameters are safe and stable in this 1 year old tank and I'm just not sure where to go from here. Cichlids? Pleco? Rainbow? Loaches? BTW, I did not buy that unidentified pleco that I posted last weekend(after closer examination he didn't look too healthy).
Thanks everybody and have a great holiday weekend!

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by jdak702

I don't think you can change the fishes minds. You should make a decision on what you can't keep.

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by twigboy

try feeding them a bit more they usual do that when there not getting enough food

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by bangme33

ive kept these fish in the past and i wont keep them again, they have some kind of nastiness with em. these fish put my other fish into a subdued state and there where frightened of these fish. i would ask your LFS if they would swap /exchange them

Fin Nippers reek havoc! any ideas?

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