What fish can get along with convicts

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What fish can get along with convicts

by freshwaterpleco

What fish can get along with convicts south american cichlids. 5 bucks to first 5 people who answer

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by gumbii

as long as it wont kill the convict and have enough room they will be fine with alot of fish...

i have honduran red points (blue convicts) in my 100g tank with severums, balloon rams, loaches, killing fish and angel fish... yes... angel fish... i guess i'm lucky because the red points haven't been paired up... even thought i've had them for about 2 years now... i still can't get them to breed...

in my other tank, i have OB convicts with a colony of OB peacocks, P. damosoni, medium frontosas, and calvus...

i have a trio of black het for pink convicts in my discus tank... that's free food for the discus...

there are alot of different opinions and people will debate on the subject, but the truth is they need alot of room, and you need to keep your eye on them... my convicts have never killed any of my fish before... even if they are breeding they just chase away the other fish... but since they have alot of space in the tank no one bother's them...

all of my tanks are > 100g... so yeah... alot of space...

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by serial32

Like the above reply ^. More space can lead to more of a variety with Cichlids most of the time. They are territorial and most of the time just chase away fish from their territory if you have a big tank. I only have a 29 gallon right now but plan to soon upgrade when I get the funds. I have 3 Convict Cichlids, 1 Pleco, and 1 Stonefish. They all seem to get along in my 29 gallon. Eels also get along fine with them but they are boring to watch considering they just hang out under your substrate.

What fish can get along with convicts

3 posts

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