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by a1k8t31524

ok so i wanted to start a species tank with wild sunfish.... now how hard is it to ease wild into a aquarium environment... ... i plan on getting everything else for the tank in the "wild" also besides the substrate and water......and from what i have heard it is best to seal any wood or porous rocks that you may find in creeks or whatnot b/c of bacteria that might be in there. what is the best to do that with
and if anyone has any experience with sunfish i would love to hear about that too.

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by gumbii

first let me start off by saying... i hope i don't offend anybody... but seriously... ¿¿why would you want to take some fishes out of thier gorgeous natural habitat??... all of my fish are F1 and higher... except for the tanks that contain extinct from wild cichlids and catfish... but still... they live in thousands of gallons lakes, streams and other bodies of water... don't stuff them into an aquarium...

ok... first check out what the PH is out in the wild... check the water from a deep point, and one where there are roots and alot of leaf litter... there might not be differences, but you never know...

i recomend that you make your own leaf litter if you want a natural looking substrate... all of the rocks and woods you bring home should be sterilized... boil them with salt, or let them dry out completly in the sun... i would do the former...

i would not mix any of the "wild" water with your water... so before placing the fish into the tank, slowly drip acclimate them with alot of clean water... use a bucket... put them in a small cup with thier "wild" water... and start the drip process untill the entire 5 gallon bucket is full of water... then throw them in with a net...

i'm not used to cycling tanks... since i use the same filters for all of my tanks i just take out the biological media and use it in a new tank...

also... put alot of hiding places in the tank... wild fish aren't used to being behind glass... so when they see you, or feel you walking up to the tank they will run and hide... i think sunfish burrow into the substrate, that's why i recomend either grade "S" sand or leaf litter...

i would also bring in as many wild plants as possible... they might eat it as thier diet... but before putting the plants into the tank give them a bleach dip... i think it's a teaspoon per 5 gallons of water or something like that... gets rid of all of the bugs and algaes...

i hope that helps... post up any other questions you have...

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by Okiimiru

I am a member of NANFA, the North American Native Fishes Association. We'd love to help you with advice on housing your sunfish or other North American native fish. Please join us on our forum at :)

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by snostorm

Sun fish can grow to 4 meters and weigh up to 2 tons! How on earth will you re home it once it out grows the tank??

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by yasherkoach

most fish we purchase are farm bred...taking wild fish from their natural habitat, in my book, is a crime


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