Tank Capacity

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Tank Capacity

by MichaelGolus1748

I am currently working on setting up my 3 gallon eclipse tank. I've added Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Subsrate, and am currently waiting for my plants to arrive from liveaquaria.com. I have heard the common rule about keeping 1" of fish for every gallon of water in an aquarium; however, I wanted to know if a planted tank and proper care will increase my aquarium capacity, and if so, how much. I would love to have 2-3 Corys, 1-2 Otocinclus, and 3-4 Neon Tetras. Is this just a rediculous thought, or would it be possible to keep all these fish happy in my tank with the proper care?

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Re: Tank Capacity

by Mcblender1834

I am new to the scene myself , but that many fish in a 3 gallon tank isnt suggested , unless you like to throw money away :)

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Re: Tank Capacity

by joey4444

it comes down to size neons are small so u might be able to get 5 or 6 in but it is not recomended because the fish need more room to swim

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by lpburns

hi i am writing to ask if anyone knows of any fish tank partitions compatable with the juwel rio 400l my fish have bread so i really need a partition asap but cannot seem to find one which is suitable for my tank. please help

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Re: Tank Capacity

by ci11337

Neons need room to swim in big schools. But you could do 1 cory 1 oto and 3 zebra danios or white clouds. Also if your stocking levels are on the high side cut back on feeding and do more water changes.

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Re: Tank Capacity

by Brikemond2250

yes this tanks can work but watch out for the fact that you have Otocinclus and they need some space to roam and groom the sides and area and whatnot. Now your Tetras 3-4 are fine. They will stay in a school and at least provide them with substanstial room to hide with your plants. The corys are fine and with cover the bottom fine. You already have corys they would have taken care of your catfish species.

But overall, the Otocinclus may be the the one that needs a little bigger space. Your tank should be fine with the proper care and you will just have to water changes more frequently.


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by yasherkoach

sometimes I like scrolling back in time...here's a doosie: a 3 gallon tank ugh

if you are still around MichaelGolus I would suggest getting a bigger tank...3 gallons would be like living in your tub for the rest of your life...bad idea

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by a70m1c


a new thread would have been the go...but anyways,
i needed a partition for my four foot tank urgently to protect fry/protect the rest of fish from aggressive parents.

i took some measurement (inside of glass measurements) and got a local plastics shop to cut some 6mm acrylic to size and buff the edges.

i also got them to drill a few rows of 3mm diameter holes at the very top to allow water flow. this cost $90 AUD to suit a 4 by 2 foot tank.

Tank Capacity

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