argonite dry substrate sand ???

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argonite dry substrate sand ???

by angel_corrupter

i currently have all black rock substrate but i really love the way that white sand looks..the only white sand i can find around here is the argonite sand for freshwater wondering will it turn green or brown? how do u clean it? or what do all of u use that is white sand? im so sick of the black rock!!

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by yasherkoach

all I know about aragonite sand is it's mainly used in saltwater tank and for fish that require a soft bed ... grande20lb

that link may be a better bet for you

sand also should be the top layer of other substrates for it to really work well...also sand will compact so it need more vacuuming (though I frown upon this) to keep with a gravel substrate yet a smaller size gravel; gravel comes in various colors if this is your concern

look online, you are bound to find the gravel you are a list of online fish stores:

Dr Fosters
Big Al's
Pet Solutions
Pet Guys
Pet Discounters
That Fish Place

Take your pick...I am sure someone here in this forum who actually dealt with sand in their tank will supply more information.

argonite dry substrate sand ???

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