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by 1234

hi whats!!what size filteration should i get for a 75 gallon fish tank????????

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by TigerTaylor8906

Youve got a few options, hang on back, sump, undergravel, and then media choices. Im on a budget and would go with 2 sixty gallon hang on back filters, with biological media, like ceramic rings and sponges. Add in the replacment carbon if not growing plants maybe. What type of fish are you keeping? Plants or no plants? Im no expert, smarter people will be along shortly no doubt.

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by yasherkoach

whatever you get, buy as much GPH you can...I have a 55 gallon freshwater tank with 700 GPH worth of filtration ((2) Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel 350). That way, the water gets up to 13 times filtered, that is, the entire tank gets "rinsed" 13 times per hour. Besides, it gives the good bacteria more room to flourish.

Tiger gave you the options, and I am giving you the best way to go for the specs. I am sure the fish would chime in and exclaim: clean water and good foods!

Happy fishing


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