Petsmart or petco?

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Petsmart or petco?

by mro2you2

If All the fish stores blew up and all was left was petsmart of petco what would you choose?
I prefer my petsmart because their they know me })

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by Dpil19901

i prefer petsmart they have a nicer larger selection of fish than my local petco and the ppl at petsmart seem to be a least a little knowledgeable about fish but a couple years back they made u sign waivers when u bought a fish but i prefer my local petsmart but nonchain stores still top

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by gumbii

move to los angeles... i still have over 40 lfs within a half hour drive...

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by mro2you2

their is a guy that works at a petsmart I go to alot he has one those long eat lobs thing but he knows a lot about fish.

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by Tmercier834747

You're gonna have mixed experiences depending on where you're at. Some things I go to petco for, some to petsmart, some I used to drive about an hour out to this obscure LFS for. As far as knowledgeable: the mom and pop staffs were it, petco was next in line, and my local and closest petsmart has a pretty fish inept staff.

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by mro2you2

luckey, my petco sells oscars to little girls with 10 gallons.

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by 1234

i would go to petsmart just like you because every time i would go to petco my pets would die or would get my other fish sick.

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by TigerTaylor8906

Depends on what I need. In my area (southern Louisiana), Petsmart has healthier fish, but next to no plants at all. PetCo has pretty healthy plants and a decent selection. But I really try to avoid these stores whenever I can. I will by my filters and little things there.

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by Promthanom

I have a Petsmart and Petco within a few minutes driving distance of me but the nearest LFS is about 30miles :(

I don't get out much and usually shop online. If there is something I find at either Petco or Petsmart sites that I may want then I'll go have a look and may buy it to save on shipping. But a lot of online sites like DrFosters and their liveplant site and AquariumGuys sometimes carry a lot more variety than the big name stores imo.

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by yasherkoach

I know some people will think me nuts but I have recently purchased fish from Walmart, and after a few days in quarantine, the fish are doing very well in the main tank. I bought from Petsmart back in 2008, lost about 75% of the species in 1 week, that's right, 1 week plus killed some of the other inhabitants.

Petco I bought a few frogs and shrimp from, lost none.

So Petco is the winner from my experience...on the other hand, you can always try Walmart (((smiles)))

Petsmart or petco?

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