What's the age if your oldest fish?

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What's the age if your oldest fish?

by Nakisai9966

I would like to know the age of your oldest fish and what kind of fish it is.

This is just for fun and discussion :)

-I have a leopard sailfin pleco who has been around for almost a year and a half. He survived against all odds and lived through very VERY cold water (heater broke)

Let me know abour some of your favorite fish :)

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hey, i hav a black widow and he is 4 years old still goin strong(i hope)

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by Peterkarig3210

I had a hujeta characin (hydro-gar in stores) who lived about 5 years.

I had a dojo loach called Pingi who also lived about 5 years.

They're both immortalised in the freezer where I keep all my fish that have died over the years.

They're all in a box and after a while become light as a feather, freeze dried I guess.

I had a 8 inch arowana jump out of the tank once and I WISH I'd frozen that one too. It'd be cool to have an arowana skelleton like in a glass box.

Anyway........about 5 years so far.

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by CedricAndCandy7566

Burundi frontosa - 9 years old.

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by mro2you2

Red Peohock -7years- had popeye, lost a eye, went through a low ph stage,and lost his other eye. RIP

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by Tmercier834747

Pong, male betta.

First fish my girlfriend and I got together - he's been in several tanks over the past 4 years. He had some rough times when we kept him in a fishbowl. Popeye, fin rot, and a few other bacterial infections are among the things he developed while in the bowl. Lost his brother (Ping) to much of the same just before we realized how stupid we were for keeping him in a fishbowl.

He lives happily in a 10gal as he has for a couple years now. He likes to rest while sucked up against the intake of the whisper EX20. The first time we saw him there we thought he was dead.

What's the age if your oldest fish?

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