Male betta & other fish

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Male betta & other fish

by misskdiza

Can you guys tell me from y9our experience what fish go well with a male betta. I've been looking for info online and most say that white cloud minnows are a no no, yet i have them living together very happily! Soooo confused... i wish to add more fish like mollies or guppies, but no idea how they'd get one.. so if you have betta in a community tank, what fish is he with?! Heeeelpp... thank you... xx

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by a1k8t31524

general rule, if it is smaller than the beta and not a fin nipper i will do fine i would not mix it with anyother fish from the same family i hade one with wite clouds, rasboras, they were all fine

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by Tmercier834747

male guppies especially fancy tails won't work, speaking from experience. Possibly females but their tales are just a bit smaller.
My girlfriend keeps hers with some corys and tetras. Neither have flamboyant tails, and they've gotten along fine for a long time. There were mollies in there but they died some time ago, doubtfully because of the betta.

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by dawgtrain

I had one of my male bettas in with guppies in my daughters 10 gallon tank. They did great for a bit then one of the male guppy tales got chewed away. Back in the vase with him ! Just like our other one in his vase all alone.
I have a110 gal community tank, would love to put one in there but hate to kill.him.

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by zambize

Bettas and male guppies are a no-no. Male guppies look too much like another male betta. Bettas will get along with most *mellow* fish that are not fin-nippers and are not small enough to eat. Some of the new dwarf species meant for nano tanks are actually small enough for the betta to eat. Bettas have fairly large mouths for their size. I've had bettas with white clouds several times and they were just fine.


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by jazz2009

Here is a list I found online. I housed my male betta with a female and even though they are ready mated they still are housed together with no problems.

Here are the names of some fish that have gotten along with Betta splendens:
· Tetras
· Guppies
· Loaches
· Plecos
· Some Gourami’s (Though I don’t suggest this type of fish as Betta compatible, some people have had better luck.)
· Paradise Fish
· Snails
· Some Barbs
· Some Danios
Remember to research any fish you are going to put in a community tank, because even though they may be compatible with a Betta, they may not be compatible with each other!

Male betta & other fish

6 posts

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