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by yasherkoach

I see you're no philosopher natalie or a thinker.

by the way, you have a nice tank for a 30 gallon (((frowns))), best to go wth a 55 gallon, but it looks like with your 30, you have few fish in it, so it's cool.

And our fish tanks are like lakes and rivers in a glass box...not literally, but to a fish that is the size of your pinky finger, it has as much value to that fish as the fish I just saw this morning as I took my 3 dogs for a walk in the river without leash and collar on. The fish in that river are no different than the fish in our tank if we make the fish a home that's as close as the river I just got wet in.

I may have been hard on this kid but some people just do not belong in this hobby. It took me almost 6 years just thinking about getting into this hobby, there's a lot of planning involved. You don't just go out and buy a dang fish. You build a home for the fish.

Actually, I think this kid handled me quite well...I was afraid he'd just give up. On the contrary, he will walk away with knowledge as well a gut feeling knowing what this hobby is all about.

Next time Natalie, have some guts, it'll weed out those who take this hobby seriously and those who kill their fish because they didn't know so well.

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by Tmercier834747

I'm not really sure all this back-and-fourth is necessary. As almost everyone has said...including yasher, we make mistakes in regards to fish---but also everything else. In truth I probably put my fish through hell so they could enjoy a more natural environment, from that which they started in. Rather counter-productive, don't you think? ..at least at the time it occurred.

There are people who shouldn't keep ferrets, or cats, or dogs, but I continue to believe in regard to anything one should be viewed as innocent until proven guilty and then made ready to suffer the consequences. That said, of course the consequences of fish-neglect or ignorance merely generally results in disappointment, where neglect and mal-treatment for a cat or dog can earn you large fines, and even jail time.

I think we've seen enough nudges, low-blows, and unnecessary drama resulting from someone just trying to get help. I believe if he were truly undeserving of sound advice and facts (not accusations, requests, or demands) he wouldn't have reached out with the post that started this thread in the first place.

As far as the tank-top goes - I think the most useful aspect is that they prevent excessive evaporation. In your tank when water evaporates minerals become very concentrated. Of course this is why we do water changes, but having lost a good portion of the water to change out, adding more water still brings in more minerals.

Plants of course help with this but it can lead to unhealthy conditions for fish especially if people top-off between water changes.

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by yasherkoach

The tank evaporates about 2 gallons a week, which is fine. Because I get to cool the tank down a little with very cold water. It works Tmer.

If you look at this kid's other post, you will find he decided to take back some of his fish for he realized his tank is too small right now. And believe it or not, I congratulated him because he did the best thing for the fish. This is all I ask.

Someday fish hobbyists who have no idea what they got themselves into will get better gut reactions to those who are unlearned in this field. You may call me the public advocate for freshwater fish on this site (((smiles))).

Just the same, thanks Tmer for putting it all into perspective

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by miami754

I have been following this thread with interest and for the life of me I cannot figure out why it matters that Yasher has no lid. What exactly does this do to help your fish? You can't use the "it's natural thing" because you are already surrounding the fish with glass in every other direction. I doubt they care about one more. It's fine that you choose not to have a top as there isn't anything wrong with it unless you have fish that jump, but it also isn't something to preach to other people about if they choose the opposite. I agree that sometimes people need a rant in order for them to take this hobby seriously, but try to contain it to areas that matter and not whether or not the person has a lid over their tank. Sorry, but I had to finally speak up.

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by dizzcat

"As far as the tank-top goes - I think the most useful aspect is that they prevent excessive evaporation."

There are two other reasons.... If you have cats like me a lid keeps them out of it! My one cat would go swimming in my tanks if they were not covered! I had to cover up every single hole with plastic canvas on one tank because she thinks its a great drinking fountain LOL. Talk about loosing water fast! Plus, she will stick her paws in attacking fish. I have to lock her up when I clean if I take the lid all the way off.

Another is jumping fish. My Africans will get so wound up I will hear a "thunk" of one hitting the lid! This happens at feeding time and at times a male is chasing a female around. If I had no lid just about every fish in that tank would have ended up on my carpet at one point. Also, when my little dwarf frogs go up for air, they zoom up so fast I can just see them going all the way out and not landing back in. Don't know if it would actually happen, but I wouldn't want to chance it. :-)

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by the57man

I am almost sorry I asked the question about the tank lid but it did stir up a nice heated discussion and isn't that why we are all here?? As long as we all come away with some new knowledge then its been a nice healthy discussion, and I hope the graduate is still following because he will be the one that learns the most. Mission acomplished!!

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by zambize

"This is one of the few hobbies where inexperience really is a death sentence for the very thing you are trying to care for. "

JB20 -

Our mindset around fish is completely different than other pets. I ran an animal shelter for 6 years and we didn't let anyone take a cat or dog home until we were satisfied they knew what they were doing AND we thought they were good people. No one does that with fish. We also made follow-up calls to check on the adoption. We also charged $110 per animal and didn't allow any breeding. We also didn't refer to our cats and dogs as a "hobby". I consider getting a cat or a dog a change in lifestyle, not a hobby. I now think the same of fish, but I used to think of fish as a hobby.

And back to what you said about the inexperienced creating a death sentence for fish...I think the same is true for any venture involving a live animal. I heard many a horror story while running the shelter. People thinking an 8 week old puppy can be alone all day, or a horse can have barbed wire fencing, or a cat can be outdoors in Phoenix (coyote chow), or 18 fish can live merrily in a friggin' 20 gallon tank! I digress, anyway, you get the picture. The excitement of a new pet often blinds us to the need for research...and to the needs of the animal.


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by yasherkoach

as I stated in the other thread, if it works best great.

I prefer to as natural as possible...please don't think I am more superior to you than others for I am not; there have been members on this forum who have been in this hobby for years if not decades, at least a lot longer than I have, and their tanks are fine...all I am saying, to go as natural as possible...key phrase "as natural"...the ffish feel or sense their world much more if it is natural in the tank to suits EACH PARTICULAR fish's needs. As I stated before on this forum...I have caves for the frogs and loaches yet open space for the danios and tetras and the platies share the combination of the two.

If we can think how they think or how they live (instinctually), the MORE the better. To get it as close their their way of life is key here. This is what I am stressing...as close as possible to THEIR "lifestyle" rather than what we would like the tank to look like cause it looks so cute or so cool or so wow, what a scene I put in the tank...all I am saying is, see it from a fish's or an invertebrate's (even a live plant's) perspective and then you'll get the big picture. And what is the big picture....

nature at its finest...each species, from live plants to invertebrate to fish playing off one another, liking, teasing, even sometimes hiding from one another...create the world they were meant to be in...fish invertebrates and live plants are instinctual, course they have personalities, each one has one, but basically, they are driven by instinct.

To see life in the aquarium from their perspective...then you get it. This is where man and beast, so to speak share common ground.

Anyway, I understand some can't have hoods off. I have 4 cats but the stand is up high enough plus the cats go outside to kill birds (yikes), so they are amused another way...unfortnuately. But I understand, I truly do.

All I am saying is, it can work and it does work. THe great fear is, no sunlight! Bull, if it's regulated (by venetian blinds) like the branches of trees over a stream, then you get to mimick nature, understand?

We're humans, we're wise, we can manipulate reality to suit others needs. Try it some time...it'll work.

And as for the kid, he learned. He took his fish back to the store (see his other thread) for he realized his tank was over-crowded. And I gave him a hats off because he did what had to be done. He doesn't have the money to buy a bigger tank right now, so he bit his tongue, took a deep breath and took the fish back to the store.


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by jliddiard09

thanks yasherkoach, I got a lot of money from my graduation party yesterday, but i need to pay for my college classes before i can get a new tank. But i will have the tank my the end of the summer.

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by volcom

it looks pretty good. but as for appearnece. a mor enatural look usualy. to me, is what looks really good. so maybe more plants and some wood.. im not a fan on like ornemnets

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