Aggression - Fin Biting and Recovery???

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Aggression - Fin Biting and Recovery???

by Rodricke

I have had a bit of agression lately with only one of my Mbunas being the unfortunate victim
His (Red Zebra) scales seem to have been removed as there are white spots and worst of all his tail fin has been attached where he now only has a stump of a fin left and the other fins also seem to have received a bit of mauling. He however seems to be still alright and swim fine BUT obviously not 100%. I took him out of the tank to recoup as he is being picked on even more so now that he is "cripple"
Am I fighting a loosing battle or will he recover. Will their fins grow back once being mauled
So do I put him out of his misery or carry on nursing him back to strength


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by Tmercier834747

you could dose him with pimafix and melafix. They're really all I have experience with. My girlfriend and I had admittedly over-neglected a male betta leading to fin rot and several bacterial infections. Since then he's been moved to a larger tank with filtration and much better cared for. Under dosages of melafix his color and fins are nearly back to 100%. Probably never will fully recover but I'm sure the stuff helped.

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by dizzcat

I have a Red Zebra female I now call stumpy :-) She used to be the most aggressive female, but when she spawned the other one tore into her! She dropped her eggs and lost all her tail but a stump! She had chucks out of her side too. I put her in a breeders net in my fry tank, but she got out in the middle of the night and ate a couple fry, two of which were my highly prized Bolivian Ram fry (highly prized cuz they are so hard to get that size!) So I took a piece of PVC pipe, tired a string to it with a rock at the other end (the string and rock were outside the tank to keep it from floating away). I hung it in the corner she hid the most in and put her back. She claimed that pipe and stayed out of site. Now my other red is holding so she can't bite her, and "stumpy's" tail is growing back just fine. She is starting to hang out and chase the others around again.

I think he will be fine. All I did was add a little extra salt to the tank to help with healing.

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by nikoloose

I had a Red Zebra just like dizzcats stumpy, He kept fighting with the other male in the tank ( who at that time i thought was a female). In any case it was one of the first fish i had been given by a freind so he could have been a crossbread or somthing.

he had two giant chunks out of his side and no tail, i had to seperate him into a hospital tank. I kept my water really clean and used stress coat alot, but it never really recoverd. His tail grew back after 4 months or more but it was a really odd shape, and he had scars from the bites on his body. In the end i gave it to away to a local shop because i wasnt brave enough to kill it, or patiant enough to wait years for it to look normal. When i took it to the shop they told me the scaring was irreversable and it wouldnt grow back, So in my opinion id say take a picture and show it to a few people and see wether they think it has a chance to grow back.

The first picture shows him after the fight, the second is a few months after

Aggression - Fin Biting and Recovery???

4 posts

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