Betta Died

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Betta Died

by darkruby

I just now had a Betta that died in my house. It wasnt mine, but it still hurts. I didn't think it would... its weird.... ....

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by ChristinaBug2890

Sorry to hear that. :( RIP betta.

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by zambize

Oh, it does smart. I have several fish buried in my yard! I've had several Bettas for up to 3 years. When you feed a living thing every day, even a plant, it is sad to see it die. That's just natural. We get into this hobby because we like fish, most of us *love* our why wouldn't you feel something when you see one die? I'd be more worried if you didn't feel something....


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by milky648

Ya zambize is right id be worried if you dindn't feel something, i work in a hospital in hospice it dosent matter human or animal u get atached and when thoes ppl die in hospice it is very sad. You know when my oscare milky died and my bf called to tell me my milky hase passed I was very upset he was 14" albino and very friendly , but you know what live goes on.

Betta Died

4 posts

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