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Discus n00b

by bigfish0016429

Have any tips for keeping discus for someone who is new to keeping discus.

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by Tmercier834747

http://ezinearticles.com/?Ten-Tips-For- ... id=1825714

Some highlights:

-The average discus needs 10-15 gallons of water per fish. With that in mind, 5 discus would need at least 50-75 gallons as adolescents - minimum.

-They are very demanding of water conditions. Nitrates should be kept at or near 0 and the tank should be fully cycled before adding any. For the price they are I don't think much room is left to argue that point.

-Be sure to ask your LFS what pH they have been acclimated to or have been used to living in. Generally they prefer softer water with a ph of 6.5 and below. Do the best to match your tank water to whatever your LFS is keeping them at, assuming its 6.5 or less.

-They require very warm water so you'll need a dependable thermometer and heater. People seem to reocommend a range of 78-87F, so I'd guess that somewhere in the middle is where you'd want to be.

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by shom6

been setting up my own first discus tank in the last 4 months or so. After doin as much research as i could bear and not rushing anything my 6 discus seem extremely happy in my planted tank. are you thinking of doin plants aswell?

my biggest advice is to watcch your discus carefully when there new. u can tell if ur doin somthing wrong pretty quick by watching there behaviour and fix it before u lose any. they seem to go buts for frozen blod worms and tetra colour bits too

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by MonkeyChunks

Also make sure you buy your discus in a good aquarium store where they are free of ick.
If you're going to spend minimum of $25 per discus may as well pay a little extra and buy it in clean store.

Here in San Francisco there are some aquarium stores that sell fish that are dirty and are full of ick spots. Another store may sell them for more but they are visibly ick free. I hate it when I buy fish then I have to treat them for ick.

Discus n00b

4 posts

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