c02 reactor ideas

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c02 reactor ideas

by burtonboarder

Just finished making the DIY c02 bottle. But I cant really decide which method of diffusing is most effective. There is the power filter idea. c02 bells etc.. I just want to know the most effective, any ideas. And pictures would be great too!

I have a 30 gal if that matters...

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by maydayparade

The only thing I know is putting it in a power filter. ANyone know how well that works

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by Tmercier834747

I think the most effective one I saw was a video (couldn't find it today) of a ADA glass bell diffuser with bubbles being sent in through a fine-bubble wood airstone. Most people on youtube seem to use them with open end facing up which I was initially led to believe was incorrect...possible it is. lol Look up the ones on youtube that claim to be 100% efficient, you can see the principle is great but they tend to be rather HUGE.... one person used like a 1L soda bottle and the other like, a plastic lamp ''cover'' in the shape of an old glass one you'd find on a gas lamp from the turn of the century -- wouldn't fly in my 16gal...I'll stick with my 50% efficient bubble ladder. lol

c02 reactor ideas

3 posts

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