What kinda fish!

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What kinda fish!

by crs1988

Im just starting with an 150 gallon tank that im about to setup...

i want the freshwater with artificial plants..

I want a variety of colorful fish that swim in packs, and that dont get to big... Maybe around 2-4 inches

Please give me suggestions on what type of fish to look at that would work well togeather and brighten up my tank when all togeather

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by a70m1c

Australian Native Tank:

Rainbow Fish
Melanotaeniida Variety

Can even keep an eel tail cat fish, Emperor Gudgen and Jungle Pearch (the holy grail of australian natives)


don't know how avilible any of the above are, as all specimans i've had where caught out of the creek, and for that reason i dont see them in LFS often.


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by cedricandcandy

Was thinking rainbows too a70 - they're colourful and swim together. Also congo tetras and smaller tetras such as the cardinals or rummynose also...

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by zambize

Gourami, in both the dwarf variety and standard variety. The neon blues and reds get around 2" or so and are very bright. Pearl Gourami and Gold Gourami get around 4" and are beautiful. They don't swim in schools, but they group together and are colorful. I like mine a lot.


What kinda fish!

4 posts

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