Mr.Betta is sick. What may I have done wrong?

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Mr.Betta is sick. What may I have done wrong?

by MonkeyChunks

My betta seemed ok just about a week ago. Today I see that he is mostly sleeping at the bottom ofo the tank and his fins and tail do not spread open. They look as if glue got into there and they just dont work.

I didn't see any signs of diseases I heard about like fin rot or ick. Also he was in a tank with guppies and neon tetras and they all do not show signs of this disease.

I put him into a separate tank without water agitation or other fish to bother him. If he dies at least he will have some dignity. But if you can suggest a way I can save him , please do.

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by tomargir

As with human beings, diagnosis from a distance is not always possible. This is what you must do.
Make a list (and publish it here) of all the water parameters in the original tank (where the fish got sick). Make sure to note any changes in your maintenance routine (eg if you started feeding live food etc). Make a list of all the symptoms the fish experiences.

Listlessnes can have many causes ranging from environmental conditions to flagelates. Cryptobia is the most common. Affected with cryptobia fished grow very listless and in extreme cases can be caught by hand, as if they were asleep. Other symptoms of the disease include emaciation, sunken eyes and abnormal swimming position. The gills will also look pale. An examination of the blood is necessary for the diagnosis. As far as i know there is no known treatment for cryptobia.

However you have to keep in mind that listlessness is observed in many illnesses at an advanced stage, so you have to keep track of any other possible symptoms. Keep the fish in quarantine and meanwhile try consulting an expert on

Mr.Betta is sick. What may I have done wrong?

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