Where can I get floating plant that vines down?

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Where can I get floating plant that vines down?

by Stangman

Alright, well I'll try to explain what I have and see if anyone here has any ideas. I just purchased a 55 gallon tank, not the one in my profile and am going more realistic for this tank. I have the driftwood and small grassy plants for the base, but my girlfriend purchased this small floating log from Petco. It's pretty neat, and my betta loves it. It really helps add literally another layer to the tank. But I was also thinking it would be neat to have some plants that floated on the surface maybe wrapping around the log and that kinda vine down.

Just something to kinda puts more than just the log to explore. It wouldn't be overkill, but just some viney type plants (fake is what I've been using) to just float around and hang down into the tank. Sorry I don't have any new pictures of this tank, but I will as soon as I can.

I figure most plants will float, but I can't seem to get something that works quite like I want. So any help or any pics of anything similar would be great. Thanks, landon

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by dizzcat

Hi Stangman,
Just about any bushy stem plant will do. These are the viney looking plants that do not have a heavy root system. I used to have a big clump of Horn-wort and had some of it planted and some floating. For the floating part I used fishing line to tie a big clump together then draped the end of the string out of the tank to keep it in one spot. I stuck another few clumps into the substrate using a plant weight. You could tie some to the log, then use a weight that comes with the plant on one end to make the rest sort of float downward, or tie a small rock to the end. . My Betta loved to hang out in it. Alas, I lost him to an ick breakout.

This is what I mean:
http://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd35 ... 0_6472.jpg

If you want fake plants and cannot find what you want at a pet store, go to a hobby store, like Hobby Lobby or Michaels These have a big selection of fake plants. Just make sure that what ever you use, pull all wires out before you put it in the tank. The wires will rust. That is how I make my fake plants. I use fishing line to tie a rock on the stems to keep it down in the substrate. I like the fishing line best because it doesn't come apart over time like thread and you cannot see it.

Where can I get floating plant that vines down?

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