Help...Stress Out...

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Help...Stress Out...

by sugarcookie

I'm so stress, can someone help me out. I want to decorate my tank with fake silk plants, I don't know what to get !!!! Can you give me some suggestions of what kind and how many plants I would need, I'm up to any suggestions. I have a 55 gallon tank with the main center peice is a old sunken ship, it's about
23" long. Also, where to buy on line, we don't have a LFS (only a Wal-Mart, not even a super one at that). I really want silk or plastic plants. ANY SUGGESTIONS ......

Thanks Again,
Sugarcookie (in Kentucky)

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by subymanny04

where do u live at? look and see if u have any pet stores in the yellowpages or go to and look up aquariums or pet stores in your area.

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by cyndrine

for plants i tend to go with ones i like the look of. if theya re taller i put them in the back to hide the hoses for my airstones with the smaller ones out front. you may want to checkout websites that sell tank decorations if you cant find a lfs.

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by OscarFan18 is a good site to look on.

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by prskiller

Nothing to stress over, lol. Check this site out. I bought a bunch of fake plants from them. ... +6635+7393

Help...Stress Out...

5 posts

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