Tips for cleaning fake plants?

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Tips for cleaning fake plants?

by charismarl

I have a good bit of fake plants in my tank and have found that simply scrubbing them doesn't quite do the trick. I read the discussion on using bleach but that makes me nervous and I think I'd like to avoid that if possible but still find a more thorough way to clean my fake plants. Any suggestions?

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by Burgerking7679

I soak in hot water to kill bacteria on them then rinse them under a steady current and toss em back in. You might get more algae in my tank as I have about 1/2wpg.

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by tomargir

You didn't mention if you are talking about plastic plants. Plastic plants become really really nasty after some time in the tank. I prefer artificial plants made of fabric. They look more natural and "stain" less.
And as far as i am concerned there is no way you can clean dirty plants effectively. Buy new ones. And don't use bleach. You don't want that thing getting into the tank (unless you are willing to pass half of the day rinsing the bleached plants).

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by nikoloose

I used to have loads of fake plants myself, to be honest they loose there good looks after a few months, id suggest not really buying them. But like tomargir said fabric plants do seem to look more natural, and they also dont stain as badly as the plastic ones. i dont think ill ever buy fake plastic plants again.

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by yasherkoach

you can purchase olive nerite snails that will clean all your fake plants...wha-la, problem solved!!!

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by akakai

I'm quite curious about this as well, coz no matter how hard I scrub those plastic fellows, can't get the stains off! And can't go with real plants coz yah, my oscars have a field day uprooting them and tearing them to shreds!

Tips for cleaning fake plants?

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