Marineland Emperor 400 Leak ??

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Marineland Emperor 400 Leak ??

by EJL123007

We have a Marine land Emperor 400 and it's leaking about a gallon and a half a day... We can't figure out where it's coming from, or how... If anyone has had this problem.. Please let us know how to fix it... Thanks!

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by Burgerking7679

Leaking out of the filter?? If so... weird. I'd take it off and try to find the leak then superclue the crap out of the leak.

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by adehaan86

It could be a possible crack in the plastic under neath like what reset of the tank. Plastic usually looks fine unless you pull on it then the crack will open then you can see.

I had the same filter and the motor would always grind. I got rid of the darn thing.

Marineland Emperor 400 Leak ??

3 posts

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