Dwarf puffer is 10 gallon

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Dwarf puffer is 10 gallon

by darkruby

So, I am planning on renewing my hobby, starting with two Dwarf Puffers. I am going to set up a well planted tank with a lot of hiding places. The filter is that new Whisper one. Is it a good idea to put those two fish together? They will hopefully be male and female. Ideas and advice is needed and appreciated.

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by Tmercier834747

As with a lot of aggressive fish species the best ratio is 1m : 2f which would easily fit into a 10gal provided it is heavily planted as you plan on. A second female helps split the aggression one of them might/may receive from the male.

I've kept DP's for over a year now and they're easily my favorite fish due to their personality.

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by Darkruby5088

Thanks for your feed back. Now, are you saying I should get one male and two females or only two females? And what kind of plants are really good for a small 10 gallon aquarium?

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by Burgerking7679

You should get 1 male, and 2 females. Im really not good with plants but java fern stays small(but still full), requires very little light, and IMO, looks pretty good.

Dwarf puffer is 10 gallon

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