can you make infusoria if yes how

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can you make infusoria if yes how

by serpaepleco

i am breeding some serpae tetras and i wondered how to make infusoria if you can.

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by dizzcat

I don't know. You should Google it. There also may be info on You-Tube. I am sure you will find answers. I think it takes almost a week to get some.

Baby Brine shrimp is easy, you can just buy the frozen stuff at the pet store, thaw out a cube and squirt it into the fry.

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by kelbri

I'm just learning all about this stuff in Bio 101. Hey, it does come in handy ;) ... usoria.htm

Check out this site. It seems to be a pretty good step by step formula. And yes, it seems it takes at least a week to get a good batch of it... started.

can you make infusoria if yes how

3 posts

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