Too much hanky panky...

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Too much hanky panky...

by jacuzzi7755

So I have many peacoks but only my blue eureka has a harem of females. Question is that he breeds with all of them and its not uncommon for three or four to be holding at one time. Problem is I am already raising about 70 of his fry right now and I simply cannot handle more. I have no intentions of stripping these females but if I leave them in the tank will any of the fry survive once released on their own. I have alot of rock and hiding places but its all patrolled by the other fish pretty well. I tunred the temp down on the tank to decrease his desire but every water change he gets colored up again and its go time. Also I want the know peoples expirience with Spirulina flakes and cichlids?

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by cedricandcandy

If there is plenty of hiding places for the fry then there is a chance that some will survive. If you wish, you can even by fake plastic grass which comes in a square piece...I have sucessfully raised fry in a cichlid tank using this grass before. Its perfect for them to hide in and the adults can't get to them in the blades of grass.

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by dizzcat

If you DON'T want more fry, just leave the mom in the tank. My Yellow Labs are the same way. They wait about 2 weeks between holdings and then spawn again. I have a lot of rocks, but so far none have made it long past being spit.

I also have a 4" Rainbow shark in there with them and he is the one that gets the fry in the tiny places. I also have a couple Yellows I kept from the first batch who are 2" that can get into the smaller spots to flush out the fry. Until I got the shark I would have 2 or 3 a batch make it.

I learned the hard way that the LFS around here do not need Electric Yellows or Red Zebras. My Red Zebra will be releasing any day now. I do have her in the 10 gallon fry tank, but after she spits I will only grow out a couple, putting the rest in with the big guys. I kept her in there because its her first holding and I didn't want her stressing out.

Seems mean, but what can you do? They wont stop spawning and I do not have the money or room to keep buying fry tanks!

Too much hanky panky...

3 posts

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