Bottom Feeder Suggestions

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Bottom Feeder Suggestions

by Rodrick

I am looking at puting some bottom cleaners into my Mbuna Set Up to keep things nice and clean on the bottom and clean up all the waste. Pleco's or Catfish?????
Not really needing alge eaters so maybe Catfish over Plecos
Upsidedown Catfish or any other suggestions I really don't want something to dominate the look of the tank, get too big or to get in the way of the Mbuna
My tank is a 50gallon corner unit with alot of rockwork taking up the back half of the tank so I think this would also determine what I should be looking at
Please give me some suggestions

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by ChristinaBug2890

snails. i dont know of any fish that consumes other fish poop. someone else can probably chime in but im pretty sure catfish still need to eat food not waste.

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by a1k8t31524

yeah i agree, if you are looking to get rid of "waste" use a vacuum nothing really eats the waste

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by Rodricke

Yep thought so!!! I have a vacuum BUT hate disturbing the fish Also was not really keen on adding others to the fish tank it takes away from the whole look of it
Thanx for the feedback

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by dizzcat

I got myself a Rainbow shark about a month ago. I picked the biggest in the tank. He is about 4" now and holds his own with the Mbunas. What he does is gets food that makes it into the cracks of the rocks the Mbunas can't get into. All day long he's sticking his nose into cracks and crevasses looking for lost munchies. :-) He doesn't eat poop or algae but does a good job on the lost stuff. I will see him buzzing along the glass once in awhile tho.

I have always wanted one, but they are way too aggressive for a community tank. This guy holds his own and will chance a Mbuna or two here and there :-)

This is "Fluffy the Shark" LOL a 5 year old boy named him: ... T00212.jpg

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by Tmercier834747

You could add more filtration or increase your water movement with powerheads to cause more crap to float into the water column and get sucked into your filter intake(s).
I have a striped raphael cat that will over-eat anything left from the fish above it. It's at 4" now in my community 30gal and frequently gets attacked by my most aggressive male GBR (which has much more bark then bite) and doesn't budge during the onslaught. lol They have very nasty spines on them which ward off most aggressive fish, and get the ones that arent so smart to quickly stop attacking after their attacks backfire from the painful spines. They don't really stir up much poop though, and certainly don't consume it.

Bottom Feeder Suggestions

6 posts

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