setting up my 55 gallon tank again.

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setting up my 55 gallon tank again.

by luchfo

so i decided that it was finaly time to set up my 55 gallon tank again.After remdeling the house and going through a flood that kicked us out of our house for 3 months i think its time to set it up again.i have a brown knife fish that i would like to put in there and i have a clownloach.i also have a Angelicus Botia Loach .i want to buy more clown and angelicus loaches so they can school.would these two types of loaches get along with each other and the knife fish.i also have a giant danio who lost all of his friends and i am thinking of buying more of them.i am also going to buy a biowheel filter in addition to the one the tank came with.

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by vwfan79

I don't know much about loaches but I've had a few knifefish and if he is big enough and the loach are small he will probably eat them.

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by Tmercier834747

clowns will get along with anything, however any amount of clowns you have would eventually outgrow the 55 you have. Not sure about the rest. Clowns need a lot of room. ... cracanthus

Penguin and Emperor filters are nice, but you may want to compliment your current filter with a canister filter which supplies a high flow rate. A high volume canister filter will require less frequent maintenance, and as many threads on this forum indicate its nearly impossible to over filter your tank, certainly not when taking clowns into the equation. Unfortunately they're considerably more spendy then the average HOB filter.

setting up my 55 gallon tank again.

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