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by edathome19824077

Can anyone tell me why HONEY GOURAMI and SAILFIN MOLLY are not compatible? I have both in my communal tank! they seem to get along okay! I just did a compatability test on and it said that they aren't good tank mates! When I bought the honeys I was told they are peaceful fish and was told they would be fine!

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by celticwraith

On that site it does say that if there is a slight chance two fish may not get along they will mark it down as incompatible. That means if you are having no problems than all I would do is keep an eye on them. I have had Gourami and Sail-fin Mollys together with no problems, but mine were Blue Gourami.

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by getwithit

never thoutgt there were very many incompatibles in a community tank i would say your 98% safe. fish aren't mindless they all have thier own temperment to some point. i had a pair of kribs with larger dempsy's and jewels and they held there own until one of the fish knocked the screen of filter intake and one got sucked in :-(

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by celticchrys

It's probably because Gouramis come from southeast asian freshwaters and sailfin mollies are from hard or even brackish waters in the Americas. Since the fish are from two different types of water, neither one cam be in the ideal type of water if they are housed together. Incompatibility can mean more than one thing. That doesn't mean there is no water type that both cannot live in, just that it will not be the ideal for either one.

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by evelynmarch26

I have kuhlis with african cichlids and it works for me
i even have plants with them and it's fine

my saying
"just because one thing works for me, doesn't mean it works for you"

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by freshwaterpleco


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by Deuce15663241

??? I'm not sure what the point of freshwaterpleco posting two words was but I have alot of incompatible fish together and somehow they get along. I got them before I really started reading about compatibility and stuff like that. The worst mistake I ever made was putting in a dwarf puffer in my community tank. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that you can't always trust all the charts and "facts" that you read online. For the most part they are only guidelines for beginners.


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