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by Mike0372983

I am aware that discus need a 50+ gallon tank, but I was wondering if I could keep 2 of them in my 30 gallon tank.
Just opinions are needed... But depending how long it takes for them to grow full size, because I could sell them and just test them out for a couple months...

also if its not a good idea, which I am thinking is the answer, what other fish are large, and cool looking and can fit into a 30 gallon tank, with some tetras?

1. Can they possibly fit in a 30 gallon tank
2. how long does it take for them to reach full size
3. what other larger, interesting fish (other than angelfish) are a good choice?
4. how hard are they to care for and some advice if I did decide to get them...

thanks for the help

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by Tmercier834747

Gouramis...Rams, Apistogramma...
No discus. Your params would have to be spot on (hard to manage consistently in 30gals anyway). And most would recommend 75+gals for adult discus. Not 50.
Gouramis are relatively easy as far as my understanding goes however I was unsuccessful keeping any in my 30gal hex for some reason. Perhaps they needed a bigger 'footprint' or less water movment..still a mystery to me as 6 gouramis perished in there but I've managed to retain a striped raphael cat, 6 panda corys, 3 celebes rainbows, 3 otos, 8 amano shrimp, and 2 GBR's.
German Blue/Bolivian Rams usually require spot on params (bolovians are easier) but are generally very peaceful fish. Note: Two males will not tolerate each other, so I found out the hard way. One will show dominance and the other will just spend all his time being stressed and possibly die. Try stocking 1m-1f or 1m-2f. Sexing isn't easy unfortunately until you get a clear picture on whether they're locking loins, or headbutting each other..or unless of course the LFS has already done the hard work for you and is selling you a mated pair.
I have limited knowlege of apistogramma. Just that some are more aggressive than others, that most stay pretty small, have beautiful coloring, and can be housed in a relatively small aquarium.

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by Mike0372983

the apistogramma looks sick

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by zeroskater

definetly not in a 30 gallon

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by a70m1c

discus are not some thing to just put in a spare tank. However any Dwalf Cichlid would be the go!

Rams / butterflys(male and a few females)

Kribenses (2 males and 2 females: have seen females kill other females with only one male and vice versa)

Humphead / Blockhead (max 2 or 3 for 30gal , tend to hide a lot but establish and defend territories, bottom dweller - would go good with electric yellows)

lamprologus ie princess Birchadi / lelupi / shell dwellers

forest jewels (only a pair)

firemouth (only a pair)

Electric Yellows (one male and 2 females)

a colony of shell dwellers would look cool and very at home in a tank this size.

for the fire mouths / electric yellows / forest jewels: a sand/gravel bottom, somes bits of coral and rocks stacked at the back to make a cave.

shell dwellers: sand bottom with bits of coral, snail shape shells over the bottom.

Krebs and rams would require a low mineral gravel for the bottom or play sand.
no corals, instead decorate the tank with driftwood and plants.

Rams and Krebs would require soft slightly acid water where as the rest require hard, alkaline water.


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