Feeding Cichlids while out of town

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Feeding Cichlids while out of town

by kyle

I have a 30 gallon with 2 yellow labs 2 kenyi, a pleco and a pictus
I had a few red eye tetra in there for about 6 months. (first fish to go in)

I NEVER saw the Cichlids chase them, but if ever I was not there to feed them one day, I would come back and be minus one red eye.

I am going out of town for 5 days over Christmas. I am out of red eye's and am afraid they will start picking each other apart if I dont feed them for 5 days. I would have someone stop bye to feed them but everyone else is going out of town as well.

What do you guys suggest to tide them over while I am gone? Those automatic fish feeders are pretty expensive.

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by fomoco4ever

It's a little late but I would go on ebay and get an auto feeder. Here is one for $20 that feeds 4 times a day. I got alot of stuff for my tank off of ebay so far.

http://cgi.ebay.com/P0gb-Resun-Aquarium ... dZViewItem

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by BurgerKing7704

I wouldnt, the concept is great, but they have a tendency to fail and dump all the food into the tank at once, killing your fish by overfeeding and increasing the nitrates in your tank.

If I were you, over feed them a little(be careful) on the days before you leave then let them be. A well fed fish can survive 2 weeks without food.

You can also get those little tabs that feed your fish gradually over a couple of days, its better than nothing. They're these ugly little white things in the shape of a shell or something.

HTH and enjoy your trip(or whatever you're doing for x-mas)

Feeding Cichlids while out of town

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