plants turning yellow...

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plants turning yellow...

by Mike0372983

my live plants seem tp all be truning yellow or brown every so often...
I have 65 watts of lighting 10 hours a day
use flourite substrate
and add some sort of weekly liquid with lots of iron in it...

and recomendation for what I should do...?

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by a1k8t31524

how many gallons in your tank?

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by Tmercier834747

its a 29gal.

Are you doing weekly or bi-weekly w/c's mike?

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by yasherkoach

"lots of iron" is a very very bad thing. Too much iron will cause the plant to turn yellow, wilt and die.

You need to get a Flourish Tablet (comes in a 18 package, 1 tablet every 3 months, last over 18 months for about $6.00). You place the tablet into the gravel, about 2" down.

Liquid fertilizer I never use. You need a tablet that releases itself over time or as to the plants' needs. The rest of the fertilizer will come from the fish poop. People do not realize that fish poop itself can make up for 75% or more of the fertilizering in the tank.

I never have used CO2 (and never will), but you can try this. My advice is against need to go as natural as possible.

Flourish tablet plus fish poop, way to go.

One last thing, make sure you clip and toss out all dead leaves, or else the dead leaves will starve the other plants or the plant itself of nutrients for it will attempt to heal the dead part or the dying back of the dying eaf, and cause to rob the rest of the plant the proper nutrients; also, dead leaves or even dying back leaves create bacteria.

You may also want to pick up some Olive Nerite Snails which do not produce live snails, only eggs which never hatch in freshwater, these snails will clean the leaves of all your plants, thereby opening up their pores which get clogged by dirt, etc.

hope this helps

plants turning yellow...

4 posts

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