Filter for a 120 gallon tank

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Filter for a 120 gallon tank

by daisygirl

I am just starting out with an unkept tank and one of the first things I want to replace is the filter and I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a filter for a 120 gallon tank. I have considered possibly doing 2 filters, but I am not sure help!! Also if you have any suggestions on some good reading material for a fresh water chilid tank. Thanks!!

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by ndevlin0

Hey! I would recommend doing a canister filter, the only thing is they are kinda pricy! I have a 60 gallon tank and I use 2 emperior 400's(the bio-wheel) and they work great! My fish are really dirty(oscars) and my water is crystal clear. Thats would be the best way to go for the filters!

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by freshwaterpleco

canister filter with lots of cartiladge

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by Mattallica874353

Freshwaterpleco, this was posted 3 months ago haha I'm sure they've found a filter by now... not to mention the girl doesnt even HAVE an account anymore!

Filter for a 120 gallon tank

4 posts

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