What do you think of my goldfish howard?

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What do you think of my goldfish howard?

by FishyManHarry

just wondering what u thought of my fish don't be to harsh please.

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by yasherkoach

the goldfish in the pic looks pleasing

its tail is free flowing, healthy

there is no sign of disease. looks like a happy fish

always nice to have happy fish

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by jweb1369

he looks a little sad to me.

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by dawgtrain

he looks like he is on his way somewhere very happy fellow I'd say. I love your plants !

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by a1k8t31524

you know jweb i agree with you.
According to your profile you have what equals out to about 12us gallons you have 4 goldfish in there, 1common goldfish and 3 fancy goldfish.
Fancy goldfish require normally 30gal min per fish and they also get to 12ish inches
Goldfish do much better in cold water conditions. i assume that you heat your tank since you are growing plants. MInd you they can tolerate warmer conditions but they will have a much better and longer life in cold water conditions
Also goldfish are notorious for eating plants..... so watch out for that

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by georgem7530

Well Fishymans fish dont actuly eat the plants as i have been round to his house to see them and they just pull the plants out. Lol

What do you think of my goldfish howard?

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