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Bio Block

by wnkz

hi everyone, just want to ask if anyone have used bio block or know any facts about it and results from using bio block.


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by bacrosslin

sorry I have never used one :(

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by a1k8t31524

i have seen then advertised..... susposed to eliminate water changes or something like that. i think that no matter what you do water changes will still be something that you have to do.

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by RogerFederer

agreed. i havent seen this product but anything that says is eliminates water changes sounds fishy to me!

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by yasherkoach

forget artificial means to help water conditions

WATER CHANGE is the best way to go...actually, 20-25% water change per week is a must

a lot of people get into this hobby who are too lazy to take care of their tanks. believe it or not, this is a serious hobby, you must make the effort to water change

water change is like in the natural world, in a river, the river constantly moves thereby cleaning the water. this is the whole point to a water change. you must make the tank an ecosystem; make the fish etc feel at home. whether you like it or not, as a fish hobbyist this is your duty or your part in the living species of the tank - your part is to create an ecosystem for the inhabitants

once you get into a routine, only takes about 10 minutes to do a water change. I do mine on Monday and Thursday, I keep a log book.

so don't be way to go is, less chemicals, less mineral blocks, water blocks, feed blocks...make it as natural as possible and you will find this hobby is a very nice one

besides, your fish will thank you too because they will not get ill and die


Bio Block

5 posts

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