R.I.P. Little Slurp

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R.I.P. Little Slurp

by j_bball_rox

Oh no i came home and looked at my fishies to say "hello' and i couldn't find slurp my bristlenose catfish and then i saw him ....... DEAD wahhhh DEAD next to my anchor he had wierd light patches that hasn't happened before and this morning he did't have them what was the problem that made him die?

R.I.P Little SLurp


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by a1k8t31524

white patches... depending on what they look like could be a few things, Fungus, or just other spots from the other fish trying to eat him... do you use salt in your tank, and wat are your water paramiters?

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by dawgtrain

Bummer ! I loose fish by mystery at times too. Ive asked people WHY? they tell me its the nature of the beast....BUT it still stinks.

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by j_bball_rox

yeah perfectly fine tank no salt dont think it was fungus actually pretty sure probably other fish trying to eat him then

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by RogerFederer

hey j rox, nice to meet ya man. sorry to hear about your loss. sure is a bummer. those are beautiful cory.

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by yasherkoach

http://animal-world.com/encyclo/fresh/i ... seases.htm

this is a great site to detect what type of problem killed your fish plus it gives you remedies

I think this is best site for fish problems on the entire internet

hope it helps

I know the feeling of the mysterious killer, I lost 5 platies a few weeks ago..one day fine, within 2 days, wiped out 5 platies, and the next day, the tank was back to normal

I guess it's like the heart attack in people...you just never know when it will hit, you know? sorry for your loss, I can only hope the site I gave you helps with your remaining fish or for future problems

R.I.P. Little Slurp

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