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by supertank

hi guys just a wee question about feeding my tropical fish, i have a few different types of fish in my community tank, gourami,id sharks, tigers, black widows, corys, molly, red guppys. i have 4 different types of fodd, tropical flakes, brine shrimp and blood worms both froozen and also use catfish sinking pellets. i usually feed them once a day with the flakes and pellets and a few days a week i replace the flakes with one of the froozen foods.

am i feeding enough food or should i up the feeding. on all the pack it says feed 4-5 times a day that seem too much. my tank is about 2 months old so it is cycled so it could deal with more feeding im sure.

any comments???

also what you guys do with a type of fish you dont want in the tank, i aint looking to play god an kill the little guys, i have like 6 blackwidows and they are jus taken up space in my opinion.lol.


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by Tmercier834747

1-2x a day is fine depending on your fish and their age. I have puffers which I feed once every two days because they have voracious appetites and will seemingly never stop eating as long as food is present. They're in a species tank.

A varied diet is also very good. Frozen foods are usually more expensive and a pain in the ass to prepare if you don't have a lot of time on your hands so its fine that you're switching things up. Fish obviously don't always eat the same things in the wild, otherwise they wouldn't accept such a wide range of nourishment.

If you were looking to bring any fish back from where you got them..I'd start with the shark. Almost anytime you hear the word shark in a fish common name you're looking at filling its needs with for starters...75 gallons. Bring it back or give it to a friend if you have one that could support the guy in a much larger tank.

I'm not really sure what black widows are, but if you're going to 'get rid' of them, take them back to the petstore you got them from, or another in the area if that store has policies about taking fish back (for disease reasons, etc) - which is rare. They may even give you partial store credit or if you're within your time limits a full refund.


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