My Pretty Acei is holding!

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My Pretty Acei is holding!

by dizzcat

Who needs a LFS??!! LOL.

Well, my little Bolivian Ram fry died last night, so they didn't make it.

BUT, my pretty Acei decided to make it up to me!

I was cleaning the tank, a HUGE scrub down to try to get that fuzz stuff gone. When I clean the rocks I leave them out and the water level low (a little over 1/4 low) with just a trickle from the filter for about half hour because my Acei LOVE to dig in the bare sand when I do. So as they were playing I noticed my littlest Acei didn't look right. She is usually a pale purple/blue but tonight she was a deep dark purple. I noticed too that she looked a tad beat up. That is when I noticed she was holding! So, I stuck a divider in my Yellow fry tank and put her in. The other yellow mama will spit in the main tank, but I REALLY wanted Acei fry! So, she will stay in her own place in peace for the next 3-4 weeks. They must have spawned today or yesterday. She only dropped one egg when I moved her, so I picked it up with my eye dropper and put it in her pot and she picked it right up :-)

Now I KNOW for certain that one is a female (I thought so!) and I bet the big dominant one who always vibrates to her is the papa. I still am unsure about the gender of the other two. Think one for sure is female but the last one is either female or a sub-dominant male.

I am so happy!

I sent Miami an email teasing him because his have never spawned. He might want some of my Acei fry when they are big enough. He gave me all my Red Zebras, so now I can pay him back!

Here they are, mama and papa. The top is papa (Bumble) the 2nd is Mama (Honey) and the bottom is both of them.

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by doomydarkdoom

They're so beautiful, I bet the fry will be gorgeous. Once again, I wish we were closer so I could buy some fry from you.

My Pretty Acei is holding!

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