RIP Oscar

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RIP Oscar

by Serial324556

My Toadfish, Oscar, died the other day. I had to move my tank to my grandmothers and I'm pretty sure he just got shocked from the move. I've had him since January...
RIP Oscar, you will be missed!

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by supertank

He is an attractive little bugger, a face only a mother could love.

RIP Oscar

He is goin were all good fish go, i have already got white mollie and a lovely blue gourami in that big tank in the sky.

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by doomydarkdoom

Aww... sad to hear. Some fish just can't handle the stress that well.

Rest in peace.

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by j_bball_rox

awwww so cute how sad

R.I.P. Oscar

Yours faithfully, J

RIP Oscar

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