What are some good janitor fishes?

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What are some good janitor fishes?

by rraymondddh

i have a 55 gal tank, 48'' long and it is a pain vaccuming the gravel. Are there any suggestions to any janitor fishes besides corycats and plecos? Also, what would be a good amount of corycats and plecos for the tank?

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by Peterkarig3210

Malaysian trumpet snails. They live buried in the gravel during the day and come out in the hundreds at night. They're pretty small and out of the scene during the day.

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by Tmercier834747

6-16 corydoras depending on the type you choose and how many fish already occupy this tank.. Some species like the panda cory remain somewhat smaller than species like the peppered cory. You'd want 2 plecos max, if you're talking common pleco.

There are some lesser-known varieties that get to be only about 6" but the common pleco can get ginormous and even find your 55 a bit cramped. Of course that would take a pretty long time if you pick one up at 3".

As far as the reasoning behind getting these fish, the corys will be much more useful to your cause than plecos, and can be a crowd of cuteness when 8 or more blinkers are shoaling around.

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by a1k8t31524

i have 7 albino corys 6 otto cats, 1 bristle nose pleco, and a nice population of MTS.... but i still do a good vaccume once a week

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by LeftysLoft7012

I've read that Otocinclus are one of the best algae eaters, but I don't know if that includes the substrate. I have a tiger loach. By him/her self, it doesn't do a great job, but I know that when the lights go out, it starts digging for food in my substrate.

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by zootycoonmaster

You still have to vacuum the gravel to remove any fish poop. As I said in another thread, no living creature eats fish crap.

Loaches, Cory Cats, Plecos, Shrimp, Otos, and Malaysian Trumpet Snails are good bottom feeders. They clean up any excess food left on the bottom of the tank. However, if you get 1 MTS, you end up with a billion :P

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by Mike0372983

ottos for algae, adn the tumpet snail thing is a good idea,corycats are really good too, and they are interesting to watch becuase of how the swim together...

What are some good janitor fishes?

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