my tanks filter

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my tanks filter

by supertank

hey guy, wonder do any of you know wat kinda filter comes with the juwel rekord 120l. this is the tank i have and i want to no how much the filter can turn over. i checked on google and i just reffers to this as juwel filter compact..

any suggestions, i assume it is adiquite enough filtration for the volume of water in my tank as it came wit the tank, but would lik to no incease i should get a second filter running in the tank to ensure excellent water quality

super tank

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by jweb1369

I would atleast have 2 filters on each tank. It makes it easier for your tank to handle sponge changes or when you wash your sponge. You can differentiate cleaning one one month and the other the next. So your water quality isn't affected by loss of biological filtration. I don't know much about that filter you have, but it is recommended to have extra filtration. Especially if you intend on keeping cichlids or larger fish.

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by gumbii

i've never heard of that tank...

did you google it...?

my tanks filter

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