need quick advice

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need quick advice

by supertank

hey guys i have recents bought 3 bronze corydoras's an i am worried that they are not getting enough food at the moment, i have not yet got any special catfish food for them. ids there any household things that they may eat, as i will not get to the pet store for a day or 2... or would they maybe get enmough food from the flakes left by my other fish

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by jweb1369

Zuchinni, lettuce, spinach. You can buy aquarium clips for leaves of lettuce. I'm not sure how much they will like the lettuce but most bottom feeders enjoy zucchini.

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by Tmercier834747

Not to say jweb is wrong but personally I used to blanch zuccini for my otocinculus, and corys were in the tank but never went for it.

One of my favorite fish foods that almost all fish I have seem to enjoy is hikari micro wafers. Picture a big algae wafter, the size of a poppy seed. Hikari makes good stuff. I also buy frozen bloodworms made by them. Corys will eat just about any regular fish food though. If it reaches the bottom its fair game. Common fish flakes are just fine..

All my fish go nuts over bloodworms though.

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by gumbii

my cory's go nuts over OSI shrimp pellets...

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by Peterkarig3210

I don't know too much about corydoras but I'd say flakes would be OK in the meantime. Look up corydora catfish on yahoo or google. That's what I'd do.

need quick advice

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