Stocking a 14 gallon?

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Stocking a 14 gallon?

by Richay

I recently bought a new 14 gallon aquarium with all the bells and whistles at Petco for 50 bucks (thought it was a pretty good deal) and now I'm trying to figure out what combo of fish would look nice in it once its finished cycling, I know for sure I'm adding a Dwarf Gourami (I love these guys) and 2 platties what else would go nicely with them?

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by acerkai640

i like thr red fin tetras, i have 5 and the only get 2" and school together real nice it would look pretty cool i think with like 3-5 if them. im even thing about gettin a few more for my tank. tehy add nice color and eat just about anything. take a look at them and see for yourself but they are worth the few bucks

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by Zambize4899

I would stick with what you have and add a couple more Platy. Platy do best with more of their own. Two is a really awkward number. If they are both male, they will fight. If they are both female, they will likely fight. If one is male and one female, then the male will pester the female 24/7 and she can easily die of stress. As with most fish, Platy should be kept with a male-to-female ratio of 1:2 (ok) or 1:3 (better). I have Platy, and have had personal experience. I now have 1 male and 3 female.....and *peace* in my tank, as well as happy fish.

Keep in mind that Dwarf Gourami are very peaceful, slow-moving fish. If you have two other fish (your 2 Platy) constantly bickering in a 14 gallon tank, the Gourami will likely hide in the corner and rarely come out.


Stocking a 14 gallon?

3 posts

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