Are there any desired algae species?

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Are there any desired algae species?

by MonkeyChunks

I was at the aquarium store and saw them selling submersible sponges and some airators which , according to the description on the packaging, were designed to encourage algae growth on them. I also saw somethign like that in another store. They have a sponge-like air fileter in the aquarium and its covered by dark green algae?

What would that algae be for? Should I put a piece of fiber material into my tank?

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by gumbii

why do you want algae...???

that said...


all of my tanks have healthy green algae... for some tanks it's asthetics, but in others like mbuna's and tropheus tanks it's a great food source... and once you get green algae growing, that's when you know your tank is matured and healthy...

also, algae is a plant... so it oxynates the water... i don't like using aerators or pumps on my tanks... too much un-necessary noise...

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by yasherkoach

like gumbii said, some fish will eat at the algae as a backup food source; you can try Olive Nerite Snails (which do not reproduce like crazy in the tank; actually they do not reproduce at all), these snails love algae

the only time you should care for algae is when it takes over your entire tank to the point you can't even see the fish because the algae's growth covers everything or is thick in the water. Live plants are good because the plants will outcompete the algae for carbon dioxide and the algae will eventually suffocate itself.

but it is good to have a little algae because fish like platies will nibble at it if there are long periods between feedings.

hope this helps

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by a1k8t31524

i like green algae too it looks so pretty when it is growing on my rocks, a nice contrast bright green on purdy just like gumbii's mouth

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by gumbii

how is my mouf purdy..??

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by ocreef

Some algae is always good...besides being a good food source for most omnivorous fish,it will also asborb nutrients from the waters column, ultimately helping to reduce high nitrate levels.

If you start seeing too much hair algae, nip it in the bud, before it gets out of control.

Are there any desired algae species?

6 posts

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