whats the best way to keep a constant ph?

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whats the best way to keep a constant ph?

by seankh

Well im having a hard time keeping my ph at an 8.0 and above ive got the crushed coral substrate and i use i product made by seachem called Malawi Vctoria Buffer. The buffer seems to work great untell i do a waer change than its a drastic drop in ph from a 8.0 or so down to around 7.2. I dont wanna use as much chemical as i do now. Is there an easier way to keep a constant 8.0 or 8.2 ph without a buffer or any other chemical? Even a better product that i dont have to use as much would be nice. Any ideas or suggestions?

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by a1k8t31524

i have the opposite problem of you my tap is a PH of 8.2 and i want my ph at 6.8 and when i do a water change it shoots up to 7.6ish

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by Tmercier834747

I figure normally crushed coral would do it on its own but seashells might make a good supplement.

I'm no expert on higher level pH but I read a long time ago that FW aquarists are to avoid completely seashells. Moon snail shells, clam shells, any beach shells, etc, because they could buffer the pH up quite a bit as they break down over time.

Perhaps something like this would suit your pH woes and act as a constant buffer if used in small quantities. I'd research it a bit, but just a thought.

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by jweb1369

Just put the buffer in the water before you put it into the tank and check the pH of the bucket water, then remember how much buffer you put in and do that everytime. Makes it easier than messing with it...

I use aragonite sand and it keeps my pH around 8ish even after water changes.

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by gumbii

when the buffer goes in the bucket or whatever, it has to dissapate a little... so i might read 8.0, but in an half hour it will go down... i use baking soda instead of buffers... i put a large table spoon full to 5g bucket to raise my PH from 8.2 to 9.3... when i'm mixing it in the bucket it measure's 9.8 PH... if i leave it there for a wile it will go down to 9.3 or 9.2...

i also have puka in my filters... that's crushed coral and oyster shells...

whats the best way to keep a constant ph?

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