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ratemyfishtank pitch

by yasherkoach

I pitched an idea to owner of this website, Javier Colayco (he wrote back and said he is in the process of doing what I suggested to him in an email), the idea was, to have a chatroom within this web site. I have met a few fishkeepers that I truly like reading from, like Peterkarig, gumbii, jweb, seankh, miami754, zambize, Mike037 etc, and I think it would really cool to have a live chatroom that is either created by members or administrators of this web site, so we can enhance the learning environment within this fish community.

Also, I suggested that possibly, the top 3 best tanks in each category, the winnder would get a $100 coupon to shop online excluding postage and handling or a cash prize of $100, whichever the web site owner of this site can get, possibly he could hook up a deal with Dr Fosters & Smith; 2nd place winner, $50 and 3rd place winner $25. Or something along those lines.

I told him that I probably wouldn't win anything because I am far from the top 10 let alone the top 3, but I know the rest of you guys probably would like it.

So tell me what you think. This guy Javier is open to ideas. I was very surprised how nice to receive an email back from him telling me he appreciated my ideas and that he himself was looking into a chatroom concept.

I am sure if you have any ideas you can pitch them to Javier. I am sure he would not mind. It'd be really cool to enhance this web site over all the other web sites. This web site is very uncensored, uninhitbited, free expression is at its peak. I think it's a wonderful web site, and I am sure if any of you guys have any ideas to make this web site even better, I am sure Javier is open to hear them.

So guys, what do you think?

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by seankh

The chatroom is a great idea honestly itll make asking a question that needs an immediate attention easy to get an answer from.

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by Peterkarig3210

I honestly will get left behind as I am too slow for a "chat room". That's not to say it shouldn't happen as I am just one of many, but it may create a place where some people go and chat away and they may not use the regular forum anymore. I personally vote no. It's just not my thing.

I'm kind of old school and I don't like lots of gimmics, bells, and whisles. There was this forum I hated that I was on till the mods kicked me off and there was all these prizes and awards and crap that made peoples avatars look like a military officer's medals.

I may have the highest post #. I MAY, because I haven't checked in a whle, but it wasn't because I care a whip about #'s. I just spend a lot of time here instead of developing other areas of my life, and that's that.

Sorry if I'm a bummer, but this forum works pretty good IMO, and if it's not broken????

My 2 cents.

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by miami754

The cool thing about a chatroom is that you can have organized meetings to discuss certain topics. I have really liked this about sites in the past. For instance, you can have people post a time where they would like to discuss such and such topic. Then you just need to make sure that there are people present who can answer questions. For instance, I could do one on mbunas or African cichlids in general along with the help of other people who are familiar with them. Then people can log in to the discussion and ask questions and such. It generally works pretty well.

Anyway, just my thoughts. I do think this website is really great though.

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by yasherkoach

Peter, I understand your sentiment. That people may flock more to the chatrooms than post on the forums. I understand this fear. I even thought that this may happen before I wrote Javier.

On the other hand, I think people on this web site could in real time interact like seankh stated. It could only enhance the web site. I don't think there are other web sites about fish that have a real time chatroom. A chatroom can only enhance the experience.

The forums are great too, don't get me wrong. I like the experience I currently have here. I will always flock to the forums as well; but possibly a chatroom, created by members, possibly in G,R, or A rated formats can help members out with an immediate question.

I do understand possible censorship. But with R & A rated, censorship with be at its minimalist degree.

To talk about fish in general in real time, I think can only help the overall experience. Javier stated in his email: "We'll see if we can implement a contest/chat room in the next few months." So Javier is looking into it.

Peter, you can always send an email to Javier telling him your opposing views on a chatroom. Possibly Javier or a member can post a thread, take a poll on either a contest or a chatroom, see how many people are interested.

I by no means want to bring conflict into this forum. If most of the members frown upon this idea, then I too stand with the majority of the members. But if the members prefer a contest or a chatroom, I say, let's go for it.

I will always engage in the forums. It's a great way to share ideas, to reflect on everything you write, to think about the multiple ways to keep fish. I just think that a chatroom is another way for a member to express themselves.

Only time will tell. But it's cool Peter, I always like and respect your advice in these forums. Your boss, as far as I am concerned. Maybe the whole chatroom idea won't pan out. We'll see what goes down in the next coming months. Either way, I will always engage myself in the forums, it's a cool site.

Thanks much for your comments, gratefully appreciated

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by Peterkarig3210


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by saltwaterpimp

dont hold your breath, some members have tried before and still nothing. i also agree with PK if it aint broke dont fix it + there is not enough members for a chatroom, i'ts hard to chat when no one is there.. mabie one day some one can start a room on yahoo or somthing an we could all shoot the shit some day

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by gumbii

blah blah blah...

a chatroom couldn't hurt, but to be honest it's not as great as a forum... you can't go back and reread the information that was typed in a chat room...

also... not everyone is online at the same time... so it might be like the forum at the cichlid forum... pretty fail/superaids...

but like i said... it wouldn't hurt...

and as for the contest... who's going to come up with the cash... i don't think that a person that has a tank with some rocks and plants should win any cash bassed on what people vote for online on a random time... some people have been here since the begining, and they have acumilated a high ranking... other's for the first 10 votes or so get an 8, and get on the top of the top ten tanks for a week untill people start voting them down...

it's unstable and will need to have an old fashion public style judging of some sorts...

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by Zambize4899

I think the concept of a chat room is great, as evidenced by the massive success of chat rooms in general. However, I don't think it would be successful here. A fantastic idea though, and if it doesn't happen now, I hope we keep working toward it.

And again, I like the concept of prizes for top pictures, but I don't think it would be successful here. There is already so much contention over how tanks are rated and people are always bent out of shape about it. Attaching an actual monetary value to the ratings would heat that up to way over 20,000K. I already suspect that some of the fish pics I've seen are stock photos. I'm assuming that the point of adding the monetary value would be to encourage more submissions and to better recognize great tanks, or something like that? Sounds wonderful, but I don't think that adding the $ value would accomplish either one of those objectives very well.

As a member of the forum, and as someone who submits pics, I appreciate your thoughts and efforts to improve our hangout. :)


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by yasherkoach

Could be coupons, say, first prize is for something like $100 a coupon to shop online at Dr Fosters & Smith (a deal would have to be worked out for this between the owner of this web site and Dr Fosters or whichever online fish site).

As for the chatroom, I also put in the email to the owner of this web site to develop something so all members know who are online, that way, one will know who to invite in any given chatroom.

If contention over this concept erupts, as it is doing, then it's cool. I withdraw my concept. I'm for whatever works best for this web site. I like the forums very much. I just thought something as an added benefit is all. But it's absolutely fine to leave it as is.

I like browsing over all the threads, I even go to the saltwater section. I've thought up a lot of ideas since I viewed the pics and read the descriptions.

I am new to this forum. Actually, it's the first fish forum I ever joined. So I am always open to other ideas. If it appears that a chatroom and a contest should not be a part of this forum, then so be it. No hard feelings at all. I like the members I thread with, so to speak, and I plan to have many years of sharing ideas and experiences within this forum. I do not want anything to spoil it.

So probably Peter is right, and I am cool with it. As regards to the owner of this web site, considering he is considering possibly implementing a chatroom and a contest, possibly if member contacted him to show disfavor over these ideas, he too will withdraw his position.

I'm going to attempt to begin another thread in terms of a poll over this issue. If enough members show disfavor, I will bring it to the attention of the owner, and try to persuade him maybe it's not a good idea. Put the brakes on any possibility of such ideas to go forward.

I don't know Javier, all I did was send him a few ideas, and he said he will see if he can implement a chatroom and contest. He never said he would; only that he will see if he can. So if members speak against it, then my ideas and his action will come to a standstill.

Nevertheless, I do appreciate the comments and concerns. Like I said, I am a newbie to this forum. I do not want to create conflict. I just want to make it a better learning experience.

ratemyfishtank pitch

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