smallest freshwater fish species

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smallest freshwater fish species

by luchfo

i was just wondering what the smallest freshwater fish is

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by yasherkoach

first one that comes to mind for me is the Neon Tetra (adult size: 1"); possibly if you google you may find something smaller, but as far as I know, the freshwater fish, other than fry, it is the neon tetra

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by gumbii

the smallest i've seen at an LFS are bumble bee gobies... um... dwarf indian puffers...?

i can't think of any other ones...

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by ChristinaBug2890

guppies are pretty small....the non-fancy kinds i think.

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by jweb1369

the ones that swim up your pee hole in the amazon.

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by a1k8t31524

the micro class fish full grown at like 1/2" to 1"... i think

smallest freshwater fish species

6 posts

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