Plant sand or gravel!

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Plant sand or gravel!

by edub6307

Hey everyone, Im about to start a freshwater aquarium (tropical) and I want to get some Real plants!

But my question is what kind of sand do I need for the plants?

Could I get sand from the lake by my house?
Or should U buy the gravel from walmart or petco?

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by jweb1369

Do not get sand from lake. When you do that, you could be introducing very bad things into your aquarium. They are many websites that sell good sand for plants. Such as... ... Path=12_23
However that site is very expensive. There are also a lot of alternatives you just have to look around. I believe all of the sands on that website are great for plants, but they also tell you to buy the other nutrients to supplement the sand with.

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by yasherkoach

if you place sand over heating wire element attached to the bottom of the tank, spread out, the heat will energize the sand which will make the roots of the plant grow faster & thicker, on top of the sand you can place a first layer laterite (a clay substance that will fertilize the plant roots for a long time, then on top of the laterite place a fine gravel, then you can place small pebbles or Carib Sea Flora Max. Once every 3 months place a Flourish tablet deep into the gravel. The gravel should be at a slope, about 5 inches in the back to 3 inches toward the front so the roots of the taller plants in the back will spread out deep. Personally, I do not use sand. I have First Layer Laterite, then a 2 mm pebble level, about 2 inches deep, then on top of that I have Carib Sea Flora Max at about 1 to 2 inches. I have driftwood with an attached anubias nana, java fern and anubias hastifolia all attched to the wood, and other plants in the gravel. Dr Fosters & Smith or Big Al's Online are two great places to buy sand and the other levels of particles.

I agree with jweb1369, do not under any circumstances take sand from a lake, any lake. The ph will change crazily, also you may place parasites, bad bacteria into the tank regardless if you wash it. You need to buy store bought sand especially made for either freshwater or saltwater tanks. The sand is deemed appropriate, it is treated as to not let any impurities into the tank.

Also, if you do use sand, make sure the plants will tolerate the sand. Not all plants can grow or thrive in sand.

I hope this helps.

Plant sand or gravel!

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