silicone used in an aquarium?

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silicone used in an aquarium?

by seankh

alright heres my question can i use aquarium silicone to stick my rock and slate together? my fish keep knocking everything over its annoying. plus itll be safer for my tank and my fish if i can somehow bond my structure together

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by Bigfish0016124

They sell aquarium safe silicone at most lfs which is safer to use than just regular silicone. So i guess that you could use it on your rocks and slate, my friend uses this in his cichlid tank and his tank looks awesome. One word of caution is that what ever you silicone together will be hard to take apart especially if you silicone something to the bottom of the tank. Good Luck!

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by gumbii

the silicone that they sell at the LFS is the same esact stuff that's in GE's clear silicone I... but just over priced...

but... silicone doesn't work that great on rock... you could use liner glue for ponds... that works great on rocks IMO... or there is this stuff marine land hustles... it's a two piece paste that gets hard even underwater... look for it at the dr fostersmith website...

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by MonkeyChunks

I think it is safe because of the nature of silicone. It is a plastic and most plastics do not dissolve or release any chemicals. You probably have to use it in the air though then wait 10 minutes or as instructions say

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by yasherkoach

I've used Aquastik Epoxy Putty on a few ornaments. It can cure dry or in water. It is best I find to let it cure out of the water. If there are any edging, you can smooth it down with a file or sand paper.

This type of epoxy is safe in a freshwater tank. You can pick up this epoxy at Dr Fosters & Smith.

hope this helps

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by Tien6079

I buy epoxy at Home Depot. The epoxy is an underwater epoxy stick that must be kneaded before application. I did all of the rock work in my tank with it and I have had no problems in this tank. However, unlike silicone, once you use this epxoy you will not be moving he rock again...not unles you can drill or saw it off with out damaging the aquarium. The epoxy costs like 3 bones.

silicone used in an aquarium?

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