Anyone have experience with Neolamprologus Brichardi's??

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Anyone have experience with Neolamprologus Brichardi's??

by dizzcat

Hi everyone! I have a couple questions for anyone who has had Brichardi.

1) How long does it take for them to reach their full size?

I know that they are slow growing, however, I wonder how slow? Mine are both about 2" right now, half the size as they will get and they are already 10 months old. All my other fish have reached adult size by then. They have their adult colors and the long filaments on the fins and tail already.

2) At what size/age will they spawn?

I got 5 at my LFS, traded 4 baby Rams for them, 7 months ago. The ones still at the store are actually smaller than mine. The Brichardi's started out all getting along, then the dominant male rejected one, then another, (the females helped him too, was interesting!) until all that was left is my paired 2, (all the rest went back to the LFS). The male spends all day patrolling the tank, and the female helps, but mostly cleans and fusses in their favorite cave. They have started getting aggressive the past couple weeks. Killed a Nana plant I tied to the top of their lava rock cave, uprooted another plant that was too close to the cave and charged me when I reached in for a plant! They have never done that before. That is why I wonder if they might spawn soon.

Thanks to anyone who might know!! I have pics of then in my profile. a couple really good ones when they get approved.

All my water parameters are perfect :-)

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by gumbii

what are your water params???... i have all of my tanganyikan's in 9.0 PH with a high GH/KH... how are you doing it...?

and i'm sorry, but i never had N. brichs... but from what i hear they are slow growers just like all other lake tang fish...

good luck...

Anyone have experience with Neolamprologus Brichardi's??

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